Dr. Carsten Linz is entrepreneurial leader and a leading global expert on innovation-led business transformation.

„Innovation needs to be the instantiation of any Business Transformation. Entrepreneurial Leadership is key to regain the competitive edge for an existing business or to take a new venture to the next evolution stage.”

Radical Business Model Transformation

Based on rigorous research Radical Business Model Transformation is a step-by-step guide for leaders looking to seize the opportunity of new business models and gain competitive advantage. Illustrative case studies – like Netflix, Xerox, SAP, Daimler, Knorr-Bremse, Kaba-Legic – and the Business Transformation Board as central tool makes the book essential reading for business leaders.

Keynotes & Panels, Leadership Meetings

Carsten Linz is a sought after keynote speaker and panelist for Business Model Transformation, Entrepreneurial Leadership and Next-Gen Innovation Management. Audiences around the world consistently rate his presentations ‚thought provoking‘ and ‚inspiring‘. He regularly speaks at renowned conferences, in executive courses at top-ranked business schools and at corporate leadership meetings.

C-Suite Advisory & Board Seats

Carsten Linz helps established companies to transform for new growth and regain competitive edge, new ventures to scale regarding topline and org maturity. He is trusted by CxOs around the world and assists global players, start-ups, and associations. The combination of his strategic CEO view and his hands-on execution strength, helps leaders to translate their vision into organizational traction.


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