Best-in-Class and Next-Generation

Innovation & Incubation Approaches

Carsten Linz advises Corporate Executives and empowers Innovation Managers to repeatably build groundbreaking new businesses on the foundation of his remarkable track record for implementing best-in-classs innovation management and next-generation business incubation approaches. He knows how corporates can innovate like start-ups in Silicon Valley, Berlin or Tel Aviv. Effectively innovating within corporate structures, requires a transformation program to create entrepreneurial communities, build a pool of entrepreneurial leaders, secure promoters on Board level, and last but not least establish effective key performance indicators as well as incentives schemes.

The Result: Bringing Innovations to Life in a Serial Manner

His empowerment approach is based on the bluegain© methodology, which offers a pulsed sequence of mentoring/coaching, advisory, and executive education modules in form of an integrated and customer-taylored ‘journey’. It is the ‘productized’ result of his vast knowledge and experience gained in the course of the last 15 years dedicated to empowering entrepreneurial leaders. As already his PhD thesis focused the challenge, how large companies and groups can entrepreneurially build-up breakthrough business, every piece of his advice is based on rigorous research and empirical evidence. He advices on all aspects from scouting future opportunities, selecting the most promising growth opportunities, to the scaling of new businesses though driving co-innovation and massive customer adoption.

References: Innovation & Incubation Approaches

Build-up Next-Generation Service Incubator
SAP Global Services Organization

Designed, developed, and build-up from scretch the global service incubator organization. VCs do not like service businesses but corporates with large professional service organization have options to scale new, innovative service businesses. Several 100 mio. service businesses were launched, named “leader” in Gartner Magic quadrant.

SAP Chipcard Business Unit
Managed strategy project for Siemens Executive Board

Managed strategy project for Siemens Executive Board to leverage entrepreneurial opportunities across divisions. Led to foundation of Siemens chip card business unit, which later became Infineon chipcard and security division.

SAP Industry Business Unit Logistics & Transportation
Led market introduction

Global P&L responsibility for SAP industries related to Travel, Logistics and Transportation. +40% year-on-year growth. As business owner initiated, specified, and led market introduction for new transportation solution.

Next-Generation-Services Organization/SAP Business Incubator
Built-up SAP Services Incubator

Successfully built-up SAP Services Incubator with VC-funding to develop new game-changing offerings. Lanched several 100 mio. ventures; named as Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

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